Whoppa on a Whopper

Burger King x Tinie Tempah

Burger King® teamed up with BBH, Dimension, Bully, and UK rapper Tinie Tempah to unveil a unique virtual experience: a private volumetric concert in WebAR on a Whopper Burger.

In 2020, amidst festival cancellations, customers scanned a QR code on their Whopper, revealing a hyper-realistic performance of Tinie's 'Whoppa', with the signature burger serving as his stage.

Powered by 8thWall WebAR, this interactive experience facilitated easy social sharing, resulting in 10.8 million social impressions, 468k TikTok views, and coverage in 220 global media outlets.

The campaign offered a glimpse into the future of brand activations and artist-fan connections through emerging technologies, delivering realtime performances to fans worldwide.

"Of all of the ideas, this was the one that really brought a smile, and we’re so glad we’re able to offer our Whopper as a stage at a time when we could all do with a bit of fun and frivolity."

Katie Evans

Marketing Director for Burger King® UK

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