Virtual Production

Realtime filmmaking, from inital idea to iconic story

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In partnership with DNEG, our industry-leading virtual production services empower you to create cinematic brilliance. Whether you're a director, designer, DoP or producer, our global DNEG 360 teams have unrivalled expertise in end-to-end production.


Make informed decisions about camera angles, lighting, set design and aesthetics.

On Set

Global virtual production supervisors, art teams and outstanding VP crew, including supervisors, location teams, data wranglers, and Unreal TDs.

Content Creation

One of the largest realtime and 3D art departments in the world, delivering photoreal artwork.

Asset Capture

Capture objects, people and environments to seamlessly use in any project, including array photography, LIDAR, photogrammetry, volumetric capture, virtual human production.

Motion Capture

Motion Capture Large scale performance capture, face and body, with multiple performers, including v-cam.

In-Camera VFX

In-Camera VFX With over 800 shoot days, our team ensures your in-camera VFX is final.

LED Volumes

Advanced soundstages and final pixel in-camera LED volumes in UK with a vehicle process, Italy, and India, and global locations with our partners.


We partner with producers and studios to co-finance and co-create groundbreaking work.


It's never too early to start creative development on original IP. Get in touch to find out more.

From the first script, through development, pre-production, production and post.

Creating cinematic content with breathtaking photorealism.

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