Before & Afters Podcast

November 10, 2022 • 1 minute read

Last month, Ian Failes of the before & afters podcast caught up with Dimension VFX supervisor Kevin Baillie at the VIEW International VFX Computer Graphics Conference in Turin, Italy.

The pair recorded their conversation about Kevin’s work on Disney and Robert Zemeckis’ recent Pinocchio remake and the virtual production methods his team utilised.

Alongside Creation Consultants, Mold3D, MPC, and Halon Entertainment, Dimension supported production with ‘out-of-view’ LED walls and simulcam services.

Kevin led virtual production for Pinocchio, orchestrating services from a number of companies including Dimension, Racelogic, MPC, Halon, Mold3D and Creation Consultants.

In tandem with the numerous virtual production techniques, the technology allowed for real-time visualisation of VFX elements. In Kevin’s own words, “There would be this magical realtime comp of a set that’s mostly blue screen, but now we’re looking through the viewfinder and actually seeing what the final scene is going to look like…I don’t know how you compose shots without that tech, in a mostly blue screen world”

Listen to the full podcast at before & afters here