GCP Invests in Dimension to Fuel International Expansion

June 2, 2024 • 3 minute read

We are thrilled to partner with the exceptional team at Growth Catalyst Partners (GCP), who are investing in Dimension’s exciting roadmap and the expansion of our UK and global production capabilities.

For GCP, this investment provides an exciting platform to diversify into the next generation of film and entertainment production, with our work in virtual production, visualisation, and virtual humans already widely adopted by major film, broadcast, sports, music, and location-based entertainment productions. Dimension complements GCP’s portfolio of innovative creative studios including Squint/Opera, ICRAVE, and Journey.

For over 10 years our teams at Dimension (and previously Hammerhead) have been at the cutting edge of realtime and virtual production.

We’re proud to be home to one of the largest and most experienced virtual production teams, who are advancing 3D content pipelines and technologies powering major films, shows, media, and entertainment experiences.

The rapid acceleration and convergence of realtime, volumetric, and AI technologies increasingly present unparalleled creative opportunities for filmmakers and storytellers, bringing with it game-changing production approaches, new efficiencies, and greater quality. We’re excited for what the future holds.

Read more in The Hollywood Reporter.

“Dimension is leading the next generation of content creation and filmmaking. It's grown from a small UK studio to a global production provider that has become indispensable to major Hollywood studios…”

James O’Callaghan

Managing Director at Growth Catalyst Partners

“…GCP has a history of partnering with ambitious teams and progressive high-growth companies. We’re excited to become part of Dimension’s journey and believe this investment will accelerate the team’s development of new technologies."

James O’Callaghan

Managing Director at Growth Catalyst Partners