Metaverse AI Companion Metashima Releases First Accessory Pack

February 15, 2023 • 6 minute read

Digital collectible Metashima is set to open its highly anticipated Accessory Pack 01 mint

Featuring a new accessory pack built entirely in Unreal Engine, existing holders will be able to claim their Metashima’s accessories with unique powers based on their corresponding DNA type.

Holders of Metashima will be able to mint on the project's official website. The mint will stay open for a period of time with an accessory reveal event taking place in Discord; all dates to be revealed on Metashima’s twitter.  

AP1 features equipment to mod onto Metashima with one of the eight powers: Blizzard, Sonic, Forcefield, Electro, Spawn, Magnetise, Beast, and Lava. In the future, these accessories will act as powers to support your adventures in the metaverse and gaming platforms.

The first 500 to be minted will include eight limited edition gold signature accessories within the collection. 

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