NARS Power Players Wins ‘Most Innovative’ at the APA IDEAS Awards

April 27, 2023 • 2 minute read

NARS Power Players has received an award in the Innovation category at the Advertising Producers Association (APA) IDEAS Awards.

Announced at the Future of Advertising conference held in London on April 26th 2023, members of the Dimension team were present to accept the innovation award for the second time having previously won in 2022 for their work on Balenciaga Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow.

NARS collaborated with Dimension to create a trio of unique brand avatars using MetaHuman Creator, each inspired by a Powermatte Lipstick shade and living in an ultra stylish virtual world crafted in Unreal Engine.

Launched in December 2022 via an announcement video, the virtual influencers are set to star in a variety of real-time and immersive experiences as this collaboration continues to raise the bar for innovation in storytelling.