Storytelling in the Metaverse with Advertising Week

March 16, 2023 • 4 minute read

Hot on the heels of his “Storytelling in the Metaverse” panel at Austin’s SXSW last Saturday, Dimension’s Sales & Marketing Director Yush Kalia has shared his thoughts with Advertising Week for their podcast Great Thinking: The Future of Advertising.

Supported by the UK’s Department for International Trade and the Advertising Association, the podcast also features Isabelle Quevilly, Meta’s Director of Creative Shop UK and Global Business Group Sustainability Leader, and is hosted by Dino Myers-Lamptey, Founder at The Barber Shop and Co-Chair of The Alliance of Independent Agencies.

Tune into Great Thinking: Storytelling in the Metaverse.

The podcast discusses the challenges and opportunities facing brands today. Episode 2 looks at the new and unique tools the Metaverse offers for storytelling, shared experience and a new approach to the idea of presence.

"One of the biggest challenges for brands is maintaining quality while relinquishing control of their brand. They're going to have to present their product in a way that is probably not as ‘luxury’ as they would present on a runway."

Yush Kalia

Sales & Marketing Director, Dimension

"The thing is to just keep learning, work with good people, good production companies, have a good platform to execute on and keep moving forward. It's a playground, ultimately."

Yush Kalia

Sales & Marketing Director, Dimension

The conversation explores what the Metaverse might be, why the UK is one of the most creative places to work on Metaverse experiences, what we should be excited about, and how far it is from reaching critical mass. It touches on projects, such as PUMA's Black Station, NARS Power Players and Ralph Lauren's Roblox activation.

In summary, Yush says, the metaverse is a space to test and learn.

Listen to the full episode here (available on Amazon Music, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts) and check out some of Dimension’s Metaverse Content projects below.