Virtual Production

Disney Pinocchio

Robert Zemeckis and Kevin Baillie embraced virtual production techniquies for the reimagining of Disney's timeless classic Pinocchio.

Dimension was tasked with content management, interactive LED lighting, camera tracking, and Simulcam - enabling the team to marry CG characters and assets with the set builds and frame up shots.

The introduction of a live comp allowed the Director and DP to consider shot composition for elements that historically weren’t introduced to picture until the post production phase.

Delivered over ten weeks at Cardington Studios, UK, this is the most advanced and successful use of Simulcam in film to date.

"We used simulcam to visualize set extensions in real time on set, which allowed the camera team to compose for something far more informative than a bluescreen void!"

Kevin Baillie

VFX Supervisor


Robert Zemeckis

Executive Producer

Steve Jelley

Virtual Production Supervisor

Callum Macmillan

Virtual Production Supervisor

Jim Geduldick

Camera Tracking Supervisor

Joe Statham

Lead Unreal Artist

Craig Stiff

Lead Unreal TD

Mark Holland


Adam Smith

Real-Time Supervisor

Ed Thomas

Unreal TD

Christian Frausig

Unreal TD

Tom Blunden

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