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Eurosport Cube

Eurosport engaged Dimension, along with MRMC and White Light, with a brief to create a branded virtual studio that brings fans even closer to the action.

The Cube was born: a virtual studio built for the most innovative in-depth analysis and visualisation of sporting action.

Launched during the US Open, the mixed-reality studio, powered by Unreal Engine, offers a unique experience for broadcasters to interact seamlessly with their surroundings and enables features including beaming in of players for interviews.

For the 2020 Olympics, Dimension added the Eurobot to the Cube. The futuristic 3D avatar robot authentically recreated key cycling moments from the Games, enabling the broadcast team to share and examine the action in exciting new ways.

“The Cube will transform how fans connect with tennis and the players, bringing to life technical nuances and analysing play like never before”

Andrew Georgiou

President of Eurosport and Global Sports Rights and Sports Marketing Solutions

"The Eurosport Cube pushes the realism and quality of virtual studios bringing new levels of creative control to deliver a richer, more innovative and engaging fan experience. Watch this space!"

Simon Windsor

Co-CEO & Co-founder, Dimension

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Most Innovative Broadcast Solution 2020

IBC Innovation Awards

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