Virtual Humans

Green Planet AR

Based on the landmark BBC Studios series and presented by Factory 42, The Green Planet AR Experience is an immersive experience combining captivating storytelling and cutting-edge technology to reveal the magical depths of our natural world.

A holographic Sir David Attenborough, powered by EE’s 5G, takes thousands of visitors at London’s Piccadilly Circus through virtual worlds— including Rainforest, Freshwater, Saltwater, Desert, and Seasonal.

Sir David was filmed in 4k in our mobile studio, Polymotion Stage with partners MRMC. The volumetric shoot also captured broadcast quality sound, ensuring the entire performance was recorded to the highest standards possible.

Presented by a consortium of experts, including Factory 42, BBC Studios, EE, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and Talesmith, the experience integrates stunning visuals, compelling storytelling, and 5G technology, earning many awards.

"There has been no better advocate than Sir David Attenborough for the natural world. We’re thrilled to be using volumetric capture to bring Sir David’s remarkable message to millions, ultimately changing people’s attitude towards our planet."

Steve Jelley

Co-founder and Co-CEO, Dimension

The Drum Awards

Best Sustainable Event/Brand Experience

The Drum Awards

Grand Prix

BIMA Gold Award

Best Immersive Experience

Clio Awards - Gold in Television/Series

Out of Home in Digital Outdoor

Clio Awards - Silver in Television/Series

Digital/Mobile in Virtual/Augmented Reality

Lovie - People's Choice, Bronze

Best Immersive Experience

Broadcast Digital Award

Best VR/AR

Design Week

Best Digital Installation

UK5G Showcase Award

Maximum Citizen Impact and Reach

Anthem Awards - Silver Award

Awareness and Media Categories

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