Knights of the Zodiac

Based on the global anime sensation, Sony Pictures’ Knights of the Zodiac brought the Saint Seiya saga to the big screen in live action. Dimension employed visualisation and virtual production techniques to craft a central car chase.

We created a high concept test film in Unreal, visualising a car chase and tunnel scenes. We then delivered concept visualisation, VAD, techvis, on-set services and content management, building and shooting on a car stage within an LED volume.

The virtual production techniques employed delivered epic car scenes, made highly realistic using wind, smoke, water, lighting and motion blur, ultimately delivering in-camera VFX that was featured in the final film.

Virtual Production Executive Producer

Steve Jelley

Virtual Production Supervisor

Callum Macmillan

Virtual Production Producer

Adam Smith

Real-Time Supervisor

Ed Thomas

Virtual Production Technical Director

Mark Holland

Lead Real-Time Artist

Rob McLellan

Real-Time Artist

Tom Blunden

Real-Time Artist

Simon Went

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