Virtual Creations

Metashima & The MAG

Dimension presents Metashima – a collection of virtual products designed for a revolutionary Web3 entertainment experience. Uniting real-time and blockchain tech, Metashima are virtual robots for you to collect, customise and interact with.

Every aspect of Metashima has been carefully crafted by our awesome art team in The Factory, using 3dsMax, Maya, and Unreal Engine. Our auto-generative 3D virtual product engine is capable of creating an infinite array of virtual collectables.

Metashima are designed to be modular and customisable to collect, store, and swap with new equipment. The Metashima live in our specially created 3D virtual space – the MAG.

Metashima are your metaverse companion for extraordinary adventures. Through augmented reality, the metaverse will bleed into the world around us; via virtual reality, we'll step through the picture to explore vast new virtual worlds.

“As mixed reality tech becomes an increasing part of our everyday lives, companions will explore the potential of virtual worlds. Our Virtual Product Engine can be harnessed for products to co-exist as real and virtual worlds continue to merge."

Simon Windsor

Co-founder and CEO, Dimension & Co-Creator Metashima

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