Virtual Production

No Way Up: Stricken Airliner Dives into Virtual Production

No Way Up is a disaster movie and survival thriller that embraced previs and virtual production techniques for the telling of the stricken plane that crashes into the Pacific Ocean, teetering dangerously close to a deep ravine.

Our DNEG 360 team crafted a seamless underwater survival sequence in a single take. Leveraging Unreal Engine, we previsualised every technical detail, from the plane's scale to its sinking physics. This empowered the director to fine-tune from LA.

During the physical shoot, the sequence was shot dry-for-wet within an LED volume. The lead actress was suspended in the air inside the volume, supported by a swim harness, while the visualised plane sank alongside her.

Directed by Claudio Fäh and presented by Altitude Film Entertainment and Dimension, No Way Up is available to stream in the US and coming soon for the UK.


Claudio Fäh

Executive Producers

David Brierley, Christelle Conan

Steve Jelley, Carl Shepherd,

Peter Touche


Will Clarke, Molly Conners,

Annalise Davis, Andy Mayson,

Mike Runagall

Production Companies

Altitude Film Entertainment,

Hyprr Films, Ingenious Media,

Sarma Films


Amazon Prime Video

DNEG VP Supervisors

James Dinsdale & Tim Doubleday

DNEG VP VAD Supervisor

Rob McLellen

DNEG VP Executive Producer

Steve Jelley

DNEG VP Producers

Richard Edwards &

Alex Winterwood

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