Virtual Production

Sony Pictures Bullet Train

Sony Picture’s ‘Bullet Train’ uses trailblazing virtual production technology to digitally generate the set around the actors.

1,015 shots were delivered with virtual production and VFX, using LED wall technology and virtual content to recreate Tokyo, while Japan was in the throes of lockdown and international travel.

“We’re excited at how it turned out. You feel like you’re in Tokyo, on a train, and you’re moving through this crazy world, and it’s a really fun ride.”

David Leith



David Leitch


David Leitch

Antoine Fuqua

Kelly McCormick


Sony Pictures

Columbia Pictures

Production VFX Sup

Mike Brazelton

VFX Supervisor

Stephen James

Exec Producer

David Fox

VFX Producer

Nicole Whitmore

Saado Abou-Khazaal

VP Supervisor

Daniel Paulsson

VP Executive Producer

Steve Jelley

VP VAD Supervisor

Ed Thomas

VP Lead Unreal Artist

Craig Stiff

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