National Theatre’s Musical VR Experience

All Kinds of Limbo

The National Theatre’s VR experience, All Kinds of Limbo, transports audiences into a vibrant theatrical world inspired by the influence of West Indian culture on the UK music scene.

This immersive musical journey features volumetrically captured performances by Nubiya Brandon, Raffy Bushman, and the NuShape Orchestra, bridging the gap between traditional theatre and virtual reality.

The result is an intimate experience between the audience and performers. As Nubiya Brandon sings, the audience can freely navigate around her, breaking down the invisible barriers of a traditional stage performance.

"Some of the most technologically impressive volumetric video we’ve seen in VR."

Kyle Melnick


"All Kinds of Limbo offers a peek into the kind of technology that will likely shape future theatre shows."

Rut Gjefsen


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