Virtual Humans

Balenciaga's Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow

With Fashion Weeks around the world forced online during the pandemic, Balenciaga imagined the next generation of virtual catwalk shows.


Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow is a 3D web-based game that takes players on an interactive journey based on “mythological pasts and projected futures”. It explores the Fall 2021 collection modelled by 50 volumetric characters, all captured on Dimension/MRMC's Polymotion Stage.


Balenciaga's Afterworld blazed a trail for fashion in 2020. This futuristic fusion of volumetric capture and video gaming opened the industry's eyes to the endless possibilities of using realistic avatars and game engines such as Unreal Engine.

“Balenciaga's visionary campaign is an incredible first for volumetric capture. As we enter the era of volumetric and XR content, richer multi-platform story worlds like Afterworld demonstrate the mind-blowing possibilities for fashion and brand entertainment. Polymotion Stage was designed to capture content at scale on location to help create these brave and wonderful new worlds."

Simon Windsor

Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Dimension

APA Ideas Awards


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