Virtual Production

Ellie Goulding: Like a Saviour

Dimension and DNEG provided virtual production services for production company Just Fred to create “Like A Saviour”, an Ellie Goulding music video.

With virtual production, we were able to cycle Ellie and her dancers through a day in an arrid, ever-changing desert environment.

The vast 3D environments were crafted in Unreal Engine 5, shot on our LED volume at RD Studios in London, enabling the director to get endlessly creative shots.

Production Company

Just Fred

Creative Director

Ben Cook

Virtual Production Sup

Tim Doubleday

Executive Producer

Steve Jelley

Steve Griffith


Richard Edwards, DNEG VP

Production Manager

Sarah Pearn

Production Coordinator

Keanu Brouard

Production Assistant

Irma Freitas

Jack Harding

Department Manager

Jim Brown

Head of Content Creation

Ed Thomas

Content Creation Artist

Monica Garcia

Head of Technology

Callum Macmillan

Head of IT

Maciej Zaremba

Head of Content Management

Mark Holland

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