Realtime Avatars with a Human Touch

NARS Power Players

Last year beauty brand NARS unleashed the Power Players – a trio of branded MetaHuman avatars, living in a virtual world made in Unreal Engine. Last month, the avatar ambassadors stepped out in style at SEPHORiA in NYC.

The SEPHORiA beauty conference saw the Power Players host guests and share Powermatte lipstick recommendations through an immersive portal.

Crafted by a team of skilled Unreal Artists and brought to life using magical motion capture, this first-of-its-kind live experience dazzled visitors with a natural, lifelike interaction.

“It immediately sparks curiosity. You genuinely get a degree of delight from the consumer and this incredibly realistic interaction coming to life.”

Dina Fierro

SVP of Web3 & Metaverse Group at Shiseido Americas


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